Kelly M. Barhorst
Web Designer
Graphic designer
May 11, 2016
Checkered Motorsports Website

This is a project that I began originally with the YSU Information Technology Student Association as the lead designer and developer of the project. This redesign was for a company named Checkered Motorsports. I revisited this redesign for our WordPress project in Intermediate Interactive Design where I basically scratched everything and started over with a new template and layout flow. After graduation I reviewed what needed to be completed to have the site go live with Checkered Motorsports; then set to work and reworked the site so that all widgets, plugins and links worked as they expected, as well as added customization to the template that fit their brand identity. This site went live on 2/2/16. In early 2017 the site was hacked and needed a rebuild which Enchanted Frog Studios, LLC took on and completed in April 2017. Image optimization was done using Photoshop.

Checkered Motorsports Site

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